Preschool & Toddler Information

Toddler playing smiling at bubblesWobbles  Age 8 – 18 months     This very first baby’s gymnastics class is geared towards elementary motor skill development and socialization. Parents will learn spotting techniques for basic gymnastics skills and will assist their baby through muscle development and coordination activities. Parent participation required, walking not required!

Tiny Tumblers  Age 18 months - 3 yrs     With the development of walking, Tiny Tumblers will gain independence and muscular control. This class will begin to introduce organized “circuits” of skills to help children stay focused and with the group. Listening skills and socialization is encouraged, although exploring is common. Parent participation required.

Gymini Crickets  Age 3 - 4 yrs     This class begins our “pre-school” levels, introducing taking class WITHOUT parents. This can often be a transition process, and each child is eased into class in their own way. Independence is a big part of Gymini Crickets, and we focus on trying skills “on our own”. Listening skills are more of a focus than in Tiny Tumblers, and safety is emphasized. Imaginative elements are used at this point to help keep children’s attention.

Tumble Bears  Age 4 - 5yrs     In Tumble Bears, we practice similar skills as in Gymini Crickets, but with more advanced progressions and more independence. Beginning stages of cartwheels and handstands will be introduced and muscular strength and flexibility will be developed. Better listening and independence from parent is expected at this level, as we are preparing them for beginner recreational classes at age 5-6.