Did You Receive a Courtesy Notice of Violation?

The first Courtesy Notice of Violation is mailed to you as a courtesy after we have received a complaint, or have observed a violation of City Codes on or adjacent to your property. All complaints filed with Code Enforcement are investigated to verify a valid complaint.

This Courtesy Notice of Violation is intended to inform you that a violation of City of Durango Code of Ordinances has occurred. After receipt of the violation letter, please correct the violation within the stated time of allowance. Once the allowable time specified on your first letter has expired, and you have not contacted the Code Enforcement office, an officer will re-inspect your property to verify compliance.

Contact the Code Enforcement Officer assigned to the case, as soon as possible if:

  • The information in the letter is incorrect
  • The violation no longer exists
  • You don't understand the Courtesy Notice
  • You need additional time to bring your property into compliance
  • You would like to discuss your options

What's Next?

  • If it is determined that the violation does not exist, the case will be closed and no further action will be taken.
  • If a violation is found to still exist, you will be notified by a 2nd Notice of Violation to comply. This notice will again state specific code sections for which you are in violation, the remedies available to you, and any fines, charges and/or penalties that you will be assessed if compliance is not met.
  • Please contact Code Enforcement as soon as possible if you are unable to meet compliance requirements. We will be happy to discuss the information outlined in your notice and go over any and all options available.

Common Violations and Time Allotted to Bring into Compliance

  • Weeds and overgrowth - 10 days
  • Junk and refuse - 10 days
  • Obstruction of right-of-way (sidewalks/streets) - Immediate compliance or obtain a right-of-way permit from the Engineering Division
  • Health safety violations - 3 days or less pending conditions
  • Accumulation of refuse - 10 to 30 days pending conditions
  • Snow/ice on sidewalks - within 24 hours of end of storm event
  • Illicit discharge to stormwater system - immediate compliance
  • Dog waste - immediate compliance
  • Graffiti abatement - 10 days
  • Leaves swept onto street/sidewalk - immediate compliance
  • Light trespass - 10 days
  • Maintaining a nuisance - 10 days or less pending conditions
  • Abandoned vehicle - 10 day (may be as little as 2 hours pending weather conditions and location)