Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In August 2019, Durango City Council voted to unanimously pass a Resolution adopting new Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Renewable Electricity Goals. View the City Council meeting agenda document and Resolution here.

A 2019-20 Sustainability Plan update will evaluate the potential for emissions reduction across the community and establish a pathway to achieving the adopted goals.

GHG and RE Goals

2016 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

In September 2019, the City of Durango published its first Community-wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, presenting a snapshot of emissions occurring during 2016.

The inventory was completed with pro-bono support from local scientists through a partnership with the Thriving Earth Exchange and incorporates comments received from the community during an open review period.

The inventory establishes a baseline against which to measure progress toward emissions reduction goals.

Click here to view the full inventory.

Emissions Inventory Cover