Camino Crossing Project

Camino del Rio Pedestrian/Bicycle Crossing Study finalized for public review

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4/10/20: PST Engineering has completed the preliminary Camino del Rio Pedestrian/Bicycle Crossing Study, exploring the feasibility of under-, over-, or at-grade crossings at each intersection from 6th Street (College Drive) to 12th Street along Camino del Rio. The purpose of this study is to recommend a location (or locations) for safe pedestrian and bicycle connectivity between the Animas River Trail and the downtown Durango central business district, across the heavily-trafficked Camino del Rio. 

Next steps

The community is invited to review the preliminary study and provide feedback and comments, which will be summarized and included in the final version of the study. The City of Durango has cancelled public in-person meetings through May 10 in order to ensure our staff and community members are not exposed to or contributing to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

In absence of a public meeting, please submit all comments to, or call (970) 375-4901. A comment log will be updated on this page weekly. Public comments will be accepted through May 20.

See the public comment log here.  Last updated 5/11/20.

Upcoming discussion dates:

  • April 15 Multimodal Advisory Board meeting
  • POSTPONED April 28 City Council Study Session 
  • May 13 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting
  • May 20 Multimodal Advisory Board meeting
  • June 1 Planning Commission meeting

Previous updates
3/10/20: The heart of historic downtown Durango extends from 5th Street to 14th Street, from Camino del Rio to East 3rd Avenue. This area was developed during an era when walking was a primary mode of transport, and even today walking and bicycling are favored modes in the corridor for short to medium-length trips. Camino also serves as a primary north/south highway corridor in the state and accommodates a steadily increasing amount of freight and motorist traffic. Therefore, the Camino corridor itself is largely vehicle-centric.

Running parallel to Camino throughout the downtown corridor, the Animas River Trail (ART) is the centerpiece of the City of Durango’s trail system. It stretches nearly 7 miles through Durango’s Animas River Greenway. The ART serves as the spine of the city’s overall trail network and provides easy access to a variety of parks, open spaces and natural surface trails. The ART is a recreational trail as well as an important component of the city’s transportation network. The ART is used extensively by area residents and visitors alike and is consistently rated as one of Durango’s top amenities.

The City of Durango recognizes the need to provide a safe and convenient crossing for pedestrians and cyclists between the ART and downtown Durango from 6th to 12th Streets. With a focus on safety and connectivity, the City contracted a study in fall of 2019 to explore the feasibility of under-, over-, or at-grade crossings at each intersection from 6th Street (College Drive) to 12th Street along Camino del Rio. The completed study will be posted here, and followed by a public process to gather comments from the community.

HAWK crossing 12th