Animas River downtownThe city of Durango's water primarily comes from the Florida River (not the Animas River). Demands on our water supply from population growth and changes in the environment require our water division to be the best stewards of this valuable resource.

  1. DRAFT Water Master Plan
  2. Ridges Basin site study
  3. Drought Management Plan
  4. Water, Sewer rate study
  5. Climate change

DRAFDRAFT Water Master Plan JPGT Water Master Plan

The City of Durango has been working with SEH Engineering to develop a Water Master Plan. The draft document is available for review here

An in-person open house on the draft plan will be held Wednesday, July 28 at 5:30 p.m. in the conference room at the Santa Rita Water Reclamation Facility, 105 South Camino Del Rio at the north end of Santa Rita Park. The meeting will include a brief overview of the plan and an opportunity for residents to ask questions and provide feedback.

Residents can also provide feedback via email at utilities@DurangoGov.org