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The North Main Gateway will be Durango’s second Urban Renewal Area. After considering a number of options, the North Main Gateway area was identified as a top priority by the Partnership Board for a wide range of reasons. Below is a list of items which highlights the opportunities contained within this neighborhood and demonstrates that the area qualifies for urban renewal programming.

     • Added incentives can be provided for a housing project with multiple units designated for middle-income housing.

     • Properties, particularly along Main Ave between W 33rd / 35th St., are in need of revitalization and assistance. Property owners have           already expressed interest in housing development and URA partnership.

     • Multiple parcels are underutilized and have relatively easy infill opportunities.

     • The 33rd / Main intersection is in need of improvements.

     • Enhancements could help position this area as a gateway entrance to Durango.

     • Location is desirable for walkable, infill housing and would support the Durango economy.

By designating the North Main Gateway as an urban renewal area, the Partnership can support and shape the mix of commercial spaces and housing in Durango, provide middle-income housing opportunities, support investment in businesses and properties along North Main, direct investment towards infill housing, and assist in making improvements to mobility safety and functionality.

View the North Main Gateway Urban Renewal Plan (PDF) - please be patient while this large document downloads.