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Use your smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or smart TV (or some other device we’ve forgotten to mention) to browse the catalog, read ebooks, listen to eaudiobooks, watch movies or listen to music – all available 24/7/365.

Libby, by Overdrive offers over 6,000 ebooks and eaudiobooks – patrons can choose from current best-sellers to the classics spanning dozens of genres.

For users who have not yet made the transition from the legacy Overdrive app to the Libby app, you can get a preview of what the Libby app will look like on your device by clicking here.


With more than 1 million titles in the Hoopla collection, patrons have access to movies, music and television shows as well as magazines, graphic novels, comic books and the Great Courses series (and, of course, more ebooks & eaudiobooks).

The Durango Public Library Catalog app provides users on mobile devices a streamlined experience for browsing the catalog, checking accounts, placing holds, renewing materials and a host of other features.

For those looking to access academic- or research-oriented materials, please visit our online databases page.

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Getting Started With Libby, by Overdrive

Overdrive app discontinued

On your smartphone or tablet:

On your desktop/laptop:

  • Sign in with your Durango Public Library card number on our Overdrive home page.
  • Read or listen to your ebooks and eaudiobooks in the browser.

Libby, by Overdrive FAQs

  • Patrons can have up to 10 items checked out at a time.
  • The default checkout period is 14 days (which can be adjusted in user settings).
  • Most materials can only be checked out by one user at a time. If you place a hold on an item, you will receive an email when it's available for you. You have 3 days to check out the item once it's available before the hold is cancelled.
  • You can stack multiple library accounts in the Libby app. For example, if you have a library card with Denver Public Library in addition to your Durango card, simply add Denver Public Library to the app, enter your Denver Public Library card information and browse & checkout from that collection, as well. Downloaded items from multiple libraries are available simultaneously within the app.

Libby, by Overdrive Help

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