Enjoying Durango With Your Dog

Enjoying Durango with Your Dog content

Designated Off Leash Dog Area is located at 21850 Hwy 160 West.

At the Off Leash Area:

  • Aggressive dogs are not permitted
  • All dogs must be under visual supervision and voice control by owners at all times. Owners are legally responsible for any and all injury or destruction of property caused by their dog.
  • Owners must have their dogs on leash when entering and leaving the Off Leash Area.
  • All dogs must be properly licensed, vaccinated and wear a collar with ID tags at all times.
  • Dispose of pet waste and garage properly.

Leashed dogs are welcome throughout Durango's parks, open space and trails

leash collage

  • Pet waste bags and garbage receptacles are provided throughout our parks and trailheads. Be sure to carry extra bags and don't forget to grab your filled bags on your way back to the trailhead if you'd set your bag by the side of the trail.
  • Water-loving dogs are welcome on the Animas River and at Lake Nighthorse (just not at the swim beach), but when not swimming or on your paddle board or watercraft with you, they do need to be leashed when on land.
  • On federal lands surrounding Durango, dogs are allowed under voice control. Not sure where these lands are? Click here for a map of Durango's public lands.
  • Leashing your dog in Durango:
    • Is the law, per City of Durango Code Sec. 4-14 & 18-34.
    • Helps everyone enjoy their park and trail experience, and minimizes impacts on wildlife that live in Durango's open space. 
    • Protects you and your dog from unsafe interactions with other dogs or wildlife.

NOTE: Dogs are not permitted at Oxbow Preserve. Please enjoy the preserve and its diverse wildlife without bringing your dog with you.