Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)


We Exist In support of the City of Durango’s mission to ensure an effective infrastructure, the mission of the Capital Projects Department is to ensure that the construction of capital improvements to the City’s infrastructure are consistent, professional, fiscally responsible and appropriate documented. We coordinate with the project's sponsoring division (Streets, Multimodal Transportation, Parks and Recreation, Utilities and Engineering) to ensure the best value per dollar is expended on these major projects. We also work with Finance’s Procurement Division to manage these projects through various contract vehicles to provide the best value added to the City of Durango’s asset base.


We manage the scope, quality, schedule and cost on construction projects which cost in excess of $50,000 and will provide in excess of a 3-year depreciable life.

 Pre-Construction Phase: Work with City departments to generate a bid package, construction cost estimate and effective scope of work for the construction of a designed asset. Coordinate and cooperate with Finance’s Procurement Division to generate a complete bid package for advertisement. Attend prebid meeting and answer questions raised through procurement prior to bid date. Participate in the analysis of bids, and interviews of bidders, as required. Set up and host preconstruction meeting to engage all stakeholders. Ensure awarded contractor has all required permits, insurance and bonds in place prior to initiation of construction.

Construction Phase: Inspect and document that the construction of the capital asset is in accordance with the plans, specifications and all applicable local, State and Federal codes and standards. Coordinate and approve, as appropriate, all payments to contractor during and upon completion of the work. Coordinate weekly construction meetings. Document and resolve, as appropriate, any changed conditions, contractual conflicts and clarifications. Monitor contractor safety efforts and storm water pollution prevention plans compliance. Monitor and promote schedule accuracy and compliance. Coordinate utility locations and needs, and generally ensure the effective progress of the construction until project completion.

Post-Construction Phase: Coordinate final inspection project walk-throughs and generate punch list. Coordinate operations and maintenance manual distributions and any required trainings. Confirm publication of Notice of Final Settlement and release of liens. Authorize final payment/retention release after completion of punch list work and final acceptance. Submit record drawings to permanent City records and GIS department. Document “Lessons Learned” for incorporation in future projects. 


Click Here to access the city's Capital Project Dashboard. The Capital project Dashboard is a tool to be used by the general public and other interested parties to review the status of capital projects under construction in the community. 


Click Here for detailed financial and budgetary information regarding Capitol Improvement Projects