Central Business District

The Durango Business Improvement District represents all the businesses in the Central Business District, downtown Durango, and north Main Avenue. To learn about BID's monthly meetings for Downtown merchants, browse a calendar of events, sign up for a weekly E-Newsletter, get a map of Downtown, and more, visit Downtown Durango. The district has an office at 850 1/2 Main Ave., Suite 2.  


Business Improvement Districts exist throughout the country, in large cities and small. Each one has a unique scope of work. What all BIDs have in common is their underlying purpose to improve conditions for businesses in a specific area, attract and retain businesses, and improve the overall experience for those who use the district. A business district enables stakeholders to decide which services to provide to meet the district's unique needs. The district is a legally separate organization from the city, but councilors are responsible for overseeing the financial aspects of the district.

To that end, the Durango Business Improvement District was formed in 1997. Its mission has evolved from the original narrow focus of studying the feasibility of a conference center to a broad brush of sustainability within the district through marketing programs, special event support and management, and capital projects that helps support businesses in the district..


The district is funded by a 2 mill levy-property tax on approximately 400 commercial properties within district boundaries, as well as special-event revenue and a small amount of other income. Constituents in the district assessed the mill levy on themselves, through 2025. Funding for specific projects has also been provided by the City of Durango, Visit Durango, and the Durango Chamber of Commerce. 


The district has assisted in acquisition of a steadily-expanding reserve of event equipment and supplies to facilitate special events. The district produces four seasonal marketing programs that support activities in and around downtown: Spectacular Spring, Sunsational Summer, Fabulous Fall and Wondrous Winter. The district has also added four "shop local" campaigns to its annual marketing work, works with the city on the flower barrels in downtown each summer, and operates a gum removal machine to keep the sidewalks free of unsightly gum. The district also partners with the city, Visit Durango, and the chamber of commerce on the Downtown Ambassador program, as well as managing a handful of events and providing guidance, planning assistance and marketing for other events.

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