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Utility Billing


The City of Durango provides water, sewer, trash, and recycling services within the City's service areas. For all utility account and billing questions, please call Customer Service at (970) 375-5034.

  • New Water or Sewer Connections: Contact the Engineering Division at (970) 375-4810 if your property needs a new water or sewer connection to a City of Durango utility service main.
  • Property Sales & Purchases: If you are selling or purchasing an existing property with City of Durango utility service and using a local title company, the title company will process the ownership change and final payment of bill at the closing. The title company provides the City updated ownership information for the property's utility account.

Utility Account Forms

  • Owner Release form Online or PDF download. Property owners may use this Owner Release of Utility Account form to appoint an authorized tenant, business, property manager, or others to receive your utility bill in their name and address. Only the property owner is to complete and submit this form.
  • Billing Address Change form Online or PDF download. Property owners, or authorized appointees receiving the utility bill in their name, may complete and submit this Billing Address Change for Utility Account form to change the mailing address the utility bill is sent to.
  • Appointee Removal form Online or PDF download. Authorized appointees (tenants, businesses, property managers, or others) may use this form to be removed from receiving the utility bill in their name and address. The utility bill will revert to the property owner.
  • Ownership Change form Online or PDF download. In the case of divorce, death, or other ownership change please complete this form and provide supporting documents with written proof and legal right to the ownership of the property.
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