Utility Billing


The City of Durango provides water, sewer, trash, and recycling services within the City's service area.

  • Home Builders - If you are building a new home with City of Durango utility service, please contact the Utilities Department, at (970) 375-4801.
  • Property Sales - If you are purchasing or selling an existing property with City of Durango utility service and using a local title company, the title company will process the ownership change and final payment of bill at the closing. The title company provides the City updated ownership information for the property's utility account. 
  • In the case of Divorce, Death, or Other Ownership Change - Complete an Address Change form and provide written proof and legal right to the ownership of the property.


  • Owner Release -  For Tenants, Businesses, Property Managers, or others to receive the utility bill in their name and/or address. The property owner or landlord must complete and submit this form. Owner Release for Utilities online form or PDF download.
  • Address Change - For the utility bill to be sent to a different address use the Address Change online form or PDF download.