Backflow Prevention


Cross Connection Control Program

The Cross-Connection Control Program (CCCP) works hard to protect your drinking water from contamination by ensuring that all cross connections are protected.

A cross connection is an actual or possible pathway between our drinking water supply and a source of contamination or pollution. Cross connected plumbing may put your drinking water in contact with contaminated water.

In our homes and businesses, water is often used to dilute, mix, cool and clean. This water may come into contact with dangerous chemicals and substances. Because of this, laws were enacted to protect the drinking water and require that cross connections be protected from backflow.

We are here to help you obtain the goal of having a safe connection to the City's water supply. You can contact the Cross Connection Control Program directly by email or phone at (970) 375-4882.

What the Cross Connection Control Program is doing to help:

The CCCP surveys plumbing systems to identify cross connection hazards and determines if the correct backflow assembly is installed and maintained. The City of Durango will contact you to schedule a survey of your property.


Documents for Backflow Testers