Common Complaints


La Plata County Humane Society Animal Protection officers respond to most animal violations, however, Code Enforcement officers are responsible for chicken permit verification and inspections. Code Enforcement performs bear-trash calls on a regular basis in the spring and fall seasons and work hand-in-hand with the property owners on proper storage of trash containers.

Business Licenses

Code Enforcement Officers inspect businesses for safety and security prior to approving a City Business License. If a business is in operation without a license, a Notice of Violation or a Cease and Desist order will be issued and they will be required to obtain a license.

Garbage / Refuse

Garbage accumulation on private property, or in the alley adjacent to private property is against City Code.  Household trash scatter by wildlife will result in a mandatory upgrade to wildlife resistant container and may result in a fine if the can was not property secured.

Grease Traps / Interceptors

Grease trap or interceptor complaints should be directed to the Utilities Department. Failure to maintain a grease trap will result in sewage line clogs and back ups.

Junk / Abandoned Vehicles

A Code Enforcement Officer may order a property owner to remove junk vehicles from the property within 15 days after a notification is sent. Vehicles that are considered abandoned on City rights-of-way may be impounded after 10 days.  Towing and impound fees are at the owner's expense.

Liquor and Marijuana Licenses

When a business applies for a liquor or marijuana license, the Police Department and Code Enforcement Division perform extensive reviews and inspections. These include background checks and zoning verification.

Obstructions of Rights-of-Way

Construction equipment, vehicles, piles of landscaping material, hedges, trees or shrubbery obstructing City right-of-way may result in immediate abatement due to safety concerns.

Zoning Regulations

If a property owner builds a new structure on their property that violates zoning regulations, a Code Enforcement Officer can order the property owner to remove the structure.  To confirm if your structure will meet zoning regulations please contact the Planning Division.