Adult Sports / Leagues

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  • Basketball: Men's 
  • Ice Hockey: Coed
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Tournament
  • Volleyball: Women's 


  • Bocce Ball: Tournament
  • Cornhole: Tournament
  • Grass Volleyball: Coed, Men's and Women's
  • Kickball: Coed
  • Pickleball: Tournament
  • Soccer 6v6: Coed & Men’s
  • Softball: Coed, Men’s, and Women’s


  • Basketball: Women's 3 on 3
  • Ice Hockey: Coed
  • Soccer 11v11: Coed
  • Softball: Tournament
  • Volleyball: Women’s

Sport Manuals

League manuals provide details and rules for the sport. Ice hockey manuals are at Chapman Hill.

League Divisions

Many of the adult sports leagues offer several divisions with tiered skill levels for coed, men’s, or women’s teams.

Want to join a team?

If you’re looking to join a team you can leave your name and contact information in the “Free Agent” binder at the Front Desk of the Recreation Center.  For more information contact Kelsey Bryantt. For ice hockey contact Chapman Hill.


Women may join many of the men’s sports when a league does not offer a coed or women’s division.


Minors ages 14-17 may play in some of the adult sports leagues with parent/legal guardian approval and signature on the team’s roster. Review specific sports manuals for age parameters. Ice hockey participants must be 18 or older.