Facility Information and History

The Durango Community Recreation Center is a 71,557 square foot facility, which occupies 3.97 acres of a 6.83-acre leased site from La Plata County. The building was designed to incorporate the historical features of the Fairgrounds by using the old grandstand stones, which have been a monument to the site for many years. The center's design complements the character of Durango and the Four Corners area.

  1. Amenities
  2. History
  • Aquatics Area - 21,493 square feet, total occupancy 889
  • Lap Pool - 6,165 square feet, occupancy - 235
    This pool holds 333,000 gallons of water with a water depth ranging from 3'6" to 13'. This competitive pool has 10-lanes in the 25-meter direction and 11 lanes in the 25-yard direction along with a 1-meter and 3-meter diving board. Water temperature is 79 degrees.
  • Leisure PoolLeisure Pool - 5,300 square feet, occupancy - 500
    This area holds 104,300 gallons of water with a water depth ranging from 0 - 4'6". This pool features a number of play structures, a current channel, a vortex, a two-lane 25-yard lap pool, as well as a 160-foot water slide. The water temperature is 89 degrees, which makes it very enjoyable for tots and seniors.
  • Hot Tub - 230 square feet, occupancy - 23
    The spa holds 3,960 gallons of water and up to 23 people at any one time. The water temperature of the hot tub is 103 degrees. The maximum depth of this amenity is 4 feet.
  • Deck Space - 9,798 square feet, occupancy - 131
    The deck space includes a built in bench between the lap and leisure pools.
  • Locker Rooms - 3,466 square feet
    The facility provides for men's and women's locker rooms as well as a family locker room, which may be used by people that need assistance, have physical challenges as well as providing for father / daughter or mother / son changing.
  • Fitness Area - 5,976 square feet, occupancy - 120
    Space includes selectorized weight machines, free weights, and cardiovascular equipment. The room will be equipped with televisions and music that can be programmed from your cardiovascular equipment. The large window in this area offers great views of Perins Peak.
  • Aerobics / Dance Room - 1,775 square feet occupancy - 36
    This space includes a resilient wood spring floor with its own sound system, dance bars and mirrors. It can be used for activities such as spinning classes, aerobics, yoga, ballet and marshal arts.
  • Gymnasium - 11,250 square feet, occupancy - 750
    The gymnasium has a maple wood floor, six glass backboards and anchors for volleyball. The space provides for one official size basketball court 50 feet by 84 feet or two basketball courts 50 feet by 74 feet, as well as accommodate two official size volleyball courts. A divider curtain is available to separate the courts to prevent interference from the multiple uses.
  • Indoor TrackIndoor Track - 3,312 square feet
    One mile = 13 laps and includes banked corners and a soft synthetic surface. From the track, you can view activities in the gymnasium as well as the fitness area.
  • Climbing Wall - 690 square feet
    The wall is 30 feet high by 23 feet wide, which is used to simulate natural rock-climbing techniques.
  • Racquetball Courts - 1,600 square feet
    The facility features two racquetball courts, each one 800 square feet. The courts can be used for racquetball or wallyball.
  • Café and Vending - 756 square feet
    This area is a place to enjoy food and drink while viewing the aquatics area.
  • Youth Games - 762 square feet, occupancy - 51
    This space provides a place for youth to watch television and play games.
  • Babysitting Room - 1,111 square feet, occupancy - 29
    The daycare area is made up of a central play area, a quiet area, an outdoor tot lot, and restroom facility. The area allows parents to drop off their children to be watched while using the center.
  • Perins Conference Room - 207 square feet occupancy - 14
    This area will house a large conference table and chairs and is ideal for small meetings as well as additional workspace when needed.
  • Check-In Registration CounterStaff offices, registration, and reception Area - 3,010 square feet
    The Parks and Recreation Department offices are located behind the reception area. The reception area has four stations available to accept memberships, handle registrations, answer questions and check in users of the center. Also located in this area is a workstation for staff and a staff lounge with lockers.
  • The Peaks Community Rooms (Eolus, Sunlight, Windom) - 2,425 square feet, occupancy - 163
    This space has the option of being one large room, the Peaks, which has an occupancy level of 161 people or three smaller rooms, ranging in size from 734 to 862 square feet. Windom is the connected to the kitchen and holds 49 people, Sunlight is the middle room with occupancy level of 57 and Eolus is the end room with an occupancy of 55. All three rooms have access to the partially covered patio and an outdoor amphitheater. A 300-square-foot kitchen is available for light food preparation.
  • Twilight Room - 685 square feet, occupancy - 46
    This room is available for a number of activities including wet and dry craft classes. The space houses a small kitchen area to be used for the variety of classes offered. The floor is linoleum for easy clean up.
  • Support Space - closets, storage, and utility areas - 11,126 square feet
    These spaces are used to support the centers operations
  • Parking Lot
    The parking lot provides 206 parking spaces with an additional 47 spaces available at the ball field for overflow. This gives the Durango Community Recreation Center 253 total available spaces.