Current Projects

  1. Outdoor Pickleball Courts

Pickleball Courts at Smith Sports Complex

Parks and Recreation is proposing outdoor pickleball courts at either the Smith Sports Complex at Fort Lewis College, or Schneider Park. After a thorough public process, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, at their August 10, 2022 meeting, made a recommended to City Council to pursue construction of outdoor pickleball courts at the Smith Sports Complex. After reviewing the information presented at a City Council meeting in September 2022, the City Council gave staff direction to survey the proposed area at Schneider Park, and will revisit the two proposed areas after the survey is complete.

Pickleball Court Design Concept at Schneider Park (click on image to zoom in - pdf)  

Schneider Concept Opens in new window

Pickleball Court Design Concept at Smith Sports Complex at the eastern end of the parking lot

Smith Sports Complex Pickleball Court Design Opens in new window

Pickleball Court Design Concept (pdf)

  1. ART - Rank Park to Demon Bridge
  2. SMART 160 Trail East
  3. ART North - 32nd St. crossing

Animas River Trail - Rank Park to Demon Pedestrian Bridge

The existing trail surface in this section of the Animas River Trail between Rank Park and the Demon Pedestrian Bridge is currently under construction. Trail improvements include a wider concrete trail platform and enhanced drainage infrastructure.

6-6-22 map of ART reconstruction behind DHS Opens in new window

Click the image above to open a pdf of the image

  1. Pioneer Park
  2. Hillcrest View Park

Pioneer Park

Park improvements including ADA accessible parking, an ADA accessible sidewalk to the shade pavilion, natural climbing boulders, tree plantings and landscape improvements at the west edge of the park are planned for 2022. Community feedback specific to possible park and play area improvements was provided during a neighborhood. Suggested park improvements included additional tree plantings, additional buffer landscape and irrigation at the west edge of the park, low scale and naturalistic play, additional seating, and better parking/accessibility.

Pioneer Park ADA Access Opens in new window

Click on either design drawing (above and below) to view the pdf

 Pioneer Park ADA Access - close up Opens in new window