Licensing Definitions


All activities engaged in or caused to be engaged in with the object of gain, benefit, or advantage, direct or indirect.

Engaged in Business

Performing or providing services or selling, leasing, renting, delivering, or installing tangible personal property for storage, use, or consumption. Engaged in business in the city includes, but is not limited to, any of the following activities by a person:

  • Directly, indirectly, or by a subsidiary maintains a building, store, office, sales room, warehouse, or other place of business with the jurisdiction
  • Sends one or more employees, agents, or commissioned sales persons into the jurisdiction to solicit business or to install, assemble, repair, service, or assist in the use of its products or for demonstration or other reasons
  • Maintains one or more employees, agents, or commissioned sales persons on duty at a location within the jurisdiction
  • Make more than one delivery into the jurisdiction within a 12-month period


Persons working within the city for remuneration under the control and direction of an employer.

Event Business

A vendor operating within the city limits at authorized events. An event per day activity. For example, the Farmers' Market would consist of 24 to 48 events (six months times one or two days per week).

Home Occupation

Any activity conducted for financial gain as an accessory use, in a residential structure inside City limits, that is secondary to the principal residential use.

Nonprofit Corporation

A corporation in which no part of the income or profit is distributable to its members, directors, or officers. The corporation may be organized for any lawful purpose, including, without being limited to, any one or more of the following purposes:

  • Agricultural
  • Animal husbandry
  • Athletic
  • Benevolent
  • Charitable
  • Civic
  • Commercial association
  • Cultural
  • Educational
  • Eleemosynary
  • Fraternal
  • Industrial association
  • Literary
  • Patriotic
  • Political
  • Professional association
  • Religious
  • Scientific
  • Social
  • Trade association

Contact Information

For additional information, please contact City Clerk Amy Phillips by calling (970) 375-5010. For business licensing requirements, please view the business licensing webpage.