Durango's Transportation & Development Patterns Sustainability Principles

  • All members of, and visitors to, our community have access to a fully connected and accessible transportation network that provides outstanding transit, bicycle, and pedestrian options throughout Durango and its surrounding areas.
  • Individuals and organizations choose transit, bicycle, pedestrian, various other transportation methods, or zero-emissions vehicles instead of driving alone in traditional fuel-powered vehicles.

Durango's Transportation & Development Patterns Sustainability Objectives

  • Multimodal Transportation: Create a fully connected transportation network that provides for safe, convenient, and enjoyable transportation that is affordable and accessible to all Durango residents and visitors.
  • Vehicle Emissions & Electrification: Reduce emissions associated with vehicular travel by preparing for and accelerating a shift to electric and zero-emissions vehicles and reducing wasteful behaviors.
  • Community Design: Structure city code and policies to encourage dense, mixed-use development that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions and supports equitable and sustainable options to get around and experience Durango.

Visit the Transportation Department to learn more about sustainable transportation options in and around Durango.

  1. What You Can Do
  2. What the City of Durango is Doing

Change Your Commute

  • Given Durango's size, bikes and e-bikes can get many places in about the same time as a car - plus you don't have to worry about parking!
  • Durango Transit offers regular and convenient service around town - and is integrated into Google Maps for easy trip planning.
  • Join the Way to Go! Club and earn rewards for NOT driving alone...the more you use sustainable transportation, the more prizes you win.


  • Electric Vehicles are becoming increasingly common, and are on track to replace traditional fuel burning vehicles in the coming years. Visit the Electric Vehicle page for everything you need to know about making the switch.