Waste Reduction and Recycling

Durango's Waste & Consumption Sustainability Principles

  • Durango’s individuals and organizations utilize products and materials in a thoughtful manner, considering the environmental and social impacts of both production and disposal.
  • Consumption emphasizes products that are sustainably produced, locally produced, are long-lasting and repairable, are non-toxic, and are recyclable at the end of their useful life.
  • Disposal emphasizes reuse, repurposing, recycling, and composting over landfill.

Durango's Waste & Consumption Sustainability Objectives

  • Sustainable Consumption & Source Reduction: Encourage conscious purchase and use of materials and products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce single-use disposability, and support Durango’s local economy.
  • Waste Reduction & Diversion: Reduce the amount of material going to landfill and decrease the greenhouse gas emissions associated with waste disposal by increasing waste diversion rates and expanding productive end-use options for regional waste.
  • Food Systems: Support an interconnected food system that is healthy, inclusive, equitable, and resilient to change.

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Recycling center hours, service schedules and notifications, and our "What Goes Where?" Wizard tool to search how to dispose of different materials.

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  1. What You Can Do
  2. What the City of Durango is Doing

Reduce and Reuse

  • Find ways to reducing consumption and waste in the first place before recycling and composting.
  • Use reusable options instead of disposables for everyday items like coffee mugs, shopping bags, food containers, and utensils.  
  • Donate and sell gently used goods.
  • Utilize bulk and re-fill options for food items

Recycle Correctly

  • Focus on the everyday basics: paper and carboard, hard plastic containers, aluminum, and steel cans.
  • Make sure you're items are relatively free of food and liquid residue.
  • Don't wish-cycle and throw things away that aren't actually recyclable - this increases costs and clogs up the recycling systems
  • Take a moment to research how to recycle additional items like electronics, automotive materials, appliances, and household hazardous waste. Visit the City of Durango Recycling web pages for more information.
  • Utilize online or mail-in programs for even harder to recycle items like clothing fabric or plastic wrappers.

Compost Organic Waste

Food Matters

  • Be sure to consider how you're consuming and disposing of food in addition to other materials; visit the Food Matters page for more information.

Be a Conscious Consumer

  • Guide your purchases with trustworthy labels and certifications that reflect your values as a consumer.
  • Buy locally-produced products and from locally-owned retailers to support our local economy and vibrant downtown.