Is Your Irrigation System Smart?

Control Panel and Weather Sensor

Control Panel and Weather Sensor Studies show most smart controllers will save up to 25% of water compared to a traditional controller and up to 70% of water used is outside watering. Unlike a traditional time-based irrigation controller that employs fixed station run times, start times and irrigation days manually set by the user. The smart irrigation controller automatically tailors watering schedules and run times on sprinklers or drip systems to meet specific landscape needs. These systems use weather information and/or site conditions to determine how much water to apply and when to run. Once the smart controller is installed and programmed, little additional monitoring is required.

A smart irrigation system weather based irrigation controller that has been tested and approved by the EPA confirms the controller's water-efficiency and performance in landscape settings. Some of the benefits and features in this system include the following:

  • Irrigation schedule automatically changes daily based on specific weather conditions at the site.
  • Weather information is collected in real-time by an onsite weather sensor and communicated to the smart controller.
This collected weather information is combined with the following:
  • Historic weather information for the site location
  • Specific site and individual zone parameters that are entered into the controller by the user to automatically create an optimized irrigation schedule that will promote healthy deep rooted plants while conserving water.
    • Based on the soil type and slope conditions
  • The overall irrigation requirement is split into multiple "cycle and soak" irrigation events, thereby eliminating the problems from water run-off.
  • Easy installation and set-up
  • English / Spanish language setting
  • Event days off
  • Cold weather shutdown
  • Rainfall shutdown and rain gauge
  • Suspend irrigation advantages

Take advantage by upgrading or installing a smart system at your home or business by contacting a local landscaping company or visiting a smart irrigation control supplier.

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