Energy used in buildings as well as for streetlighting, water pumping and other services accounts for approximately 67% of community-wide greenhouse gas emissions and 73% of municipal emissions.

In August, 2019, Durango City Council adopted a goal to achieve 50% renewable electricity by 2030 and 100% by 2050. Meeting this target, while also increasing energy efficiency and reducing the emissions associated with natural gas use will be critical to achieving community-wide and municipal greenhouse gas emissions goals.

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The city of Durango is taking the following steps to reduce energy consumption, save money and cut municipal greenhouse gas emissions:

  • Investment Grade Audit of city facilities completed in 2019 to identify energy and water efficiency opportunities, and solar PV potential.
  • Purchase 100% Green Power through LPEA.
  • On-site solar PV generation at the Airport Terminal and solar thermal generation at the Recreation Center.
  • Recognized as a Green Power Partner and Green Power Community by the EPA.
  • Methane gas is converted to electric energy at the Santa Rita Water Reclamation Facility.
  • Synthetic oils recovered from city fleet vehicles are used to heat the maintenance shop.
  • Motion-detection lighting installed at many city facilities.
  • LED lighting retrofits.
  • HVAC system upgradesare included in annual budget process.
  • Recognized by the State Electronic Challenge for sustainable electronics purchasing, device management and disposal.
  • Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy encourages purchase of efficient equipment.

Thinking about going solar?

Check out the city of Durango permitting process and other resources on the Solar Landing Page.