Housing, ADUS, and Vacation Rentals

City of Durango Housing Initiativenew construction and sky.jpg

Unmet housing needs in Durango is becoming more commonplace for all, and the City of Durango wants to do their part in helping to address this issue. The Housing Initiative serves as the foundation for a housing program within the City of Durango to address the city's housing issues. Much of the cost of housing stems from forces beyond local control, but there are things Durango can do to affect cost, quality and availability of housing.

The Durango Housing Plan and Program will advance actions that can be taken now, such as amendments to the Land Use and Development Code (LUDC) to incentivize more residential development, and some proposals such as land banking which will take years to accomplish.

The Durango Housing Plan is guided by principles that have emerged during the Plan's development. The housing strategies implement the following ten principles:

  • Quality housing should be available to all residents of Durango.
  • Durango is a place where you can live, work, raise a family, start a business and retire. Preserving Durango's livability requires housing to stay affordable for as many as possible.
  • This plan recognizes that Durango is a small part of a vast economic system, but local actions make a difference.
  • Community-wide support is essential for the housing program – all of Durango has a stake in housing.
  • The City must evaluate land use planning and regulatory authority to allow developers to respond to housing market needs: Developers must continue to create the high-quality places expected by Durango residents.
  • The Plan promotes housing in what are referred to as the Areas of Change because of the importance of infill development and redevelopment.
  • The Areas of Stability will continue to absorb more housing.
  • Growth on the periphery is likely to surpass infill development because land is cheaper and more abundant away from the core of Durango. These are Areas of Growth.
  • Quality housing, whether it is infill or greenfield development, must have dense, walkable neighborhoods with access to multi-modal transportation options including transit, bike lanes and sidewalks.
  • Housing is a foundation for Durango's local economy and for its residents to build wealth through equity and financial stability. For additional information please contact Mark Williams in the City of Durango Community Development Department (email Mark Williams) or (970) 375-4854.