City of Durango Water and Sewer Connections in La Plata County

Application Procedures

When submitting a County building permit application for water and/or sewer service connections within the City of Durango Service Area residing in La Plata County Jurisdiction, the Applicant will be required to receive approval prior to any connections being installed.

  • 2 sets of water and/or sewer plans shall be submitted with the County building permit application to 1235 Camino del Rio to the Engineering Technician on duty.
  • The Community Development Department will coordinate with the City Utilities Department to review and approve the application.
  • Staff from Community Development and Utilities Departments will contact the applicant to discuss other requirements if applicable, such as an Implied Consent Agreement for water and/or sewer service in the county.
  • All requests for an Implied Consent Agreements for water and/or sewer services are approved by City Council, please allow up to 3 weeks for the approval process to be completed.
  • Upon Approval, Community Development staff will contact the applicant when approved.
  • the applicant will be responsible for paying the Street Impact Fees, Park Fees and Water and/or Sewer Plant Investment Fees, etc.

Please allow up to two weeks for the approval process to be completed.

Connection and Inspection Procedures

All County connections to the City of Durango water and sewer mains shall follow these instructions:

  • Scheduling of water taps must be coordinated with the Durango Utilities Department, located at 105 Sawyer Drive (across from the Durango Mall).
  • Utilities Department will install water taps up to 1inch, all other tap sizes will need to be coordinated between the Utilities Department, Applicant and qualified contractor. No water tapping fee will be assessed for taps over 1 inch.
  • Tapping Fees
    • 3/4 Inch Tap $334.00
    • 1 Inch Tap $340.00
  • All Sewer taps shall be coordinated with the Utilities Department, applicant and contractor. City staff does not have the equipment to tap into sewer mains.
  • All water and sewer taps must be inspected prior to backfilling to ensure the installation conforms to the City Development Standards.
    • Contact the Utilities Department main office at 970-375-4801.
  • All meters, remote readers and apparatuses shall be purchased at the City of Durango Warehouse.
    • For pricing information, please call 970-375-4906
  • All installations of meters and apparatuses shall be inspected to ensure the installation conforms to the City of Durango Development Standards.
    • Please contact the Utilities Department backflow technician to schedule an inspection and approval of installation at 970-375-4882.
    • Upon approval of installation, a City of Durango utilities account will be established for water and/or sewer services.