Project Information

Facility Design

Below is a rendering of the SRWRF. For more details, please visit the FAQs page.

Aerial Rendering

Treatment Process

For an aerial overview and explanation of the process, take a look at this site map. (PDF)

The secondary treatment technology designed and constructed for the Santa Rita Water Reclamation Facility utilizes microorganisms to remove phosphorus, nitrogen, and organic material from wastewater. The SRWRF has a secondary process referred to as the Johannesburg process that consists of sequential sludge denitrifying, anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic treatment zones.

Microorganisms are an important part of the treatment process, which is why we created "Rita the Amoeba." Rita is included on public communications regarding the Santa Rita Water Reclamation Facility from the City.


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Current Process

Watch the video below to learn about the shortcomings of the current Wastewater Treatment Plant, and outline what needs to be upgraded to comply with future CDPHE regulations.