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Civility First Durango Pledge

  1. Civility First Logo
  2. Civility First Durango Pledge
    Encourages social harmony among residents and visitors, where all are treated with civility and respect. Visit for more information.
  3. I elect to participate in the Civility First Durango Pledge program. I understand that this program is designed to promote civility among all visitors and residents within the City of Durango, to encourage businesses/organizations/individuals to model civil behavior and tone, and to promote respect for diversity so that all who live, work, shop or play in our city enjoy a more harmonious community. The tenants of the Pledge Program are: Respect, Compassion, Kindness, Sincerity, Fairness, Consideration, Responsibility and Acceptance.
  4. How are you pledging?
  5. 1) Treat all who interact with me or my business equally, fairly, and with respect;
  6. 2) Proudly communicate with friends that I have signed the pledge and why, or display the Civility First Durango window decal/logo in my storefront or another highly visible location; and
  7. 3) Share information regarding the tenets of the Civility First Durango Program with friends, colleagues, employees and/or volunteers.
  8. I understand that as part of my participation with Civility First Durango, I have access to additional resources and educational opportunities. I agree that the signed Pledge will be public information. I understand I may terminate my participation in the program.
  9. I also understand that if a complaint related to uncivil practices is filed against my organization/business with the Durango Community Relations Commission, I may be asked to participate in an informal review. Failure to do so could result in my business’s loss of designation as a program participant and ineligibility to participate in the program.
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